Construction company in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, 11201, 11231, NY

Big A Construction group is a local, licensed and insured construction company providing a wide range of construction related services in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, 11201, 11231. Big A has been in business since 1996. A local, family owned company who believes in customer satisfaction only. Quality craftsmanship, experienced, professional and well trained employees make Big A constriction one of the most reliable and top of the line construction companies in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, 11201, 11231. With proper procedures and SOPs  in place our experienced quality control managers, supervisors and on field personnel ensure top standards are maintained throughout different steps of the project.


Construction services in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, 11201, 11231 are quite competitive and it is not easy to be labeled as top of the line construction companies in Brooklyn. Big A wants to make sure all the construction phases are properly supervised and are achieved exactly according to your requirements. Team at Big A Construction focuses on bigger picture only which can only be achieved through a long term relationship with clients and to achieve goals such as happy clients, long term relations, working on clients budget is the key. Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, 11201, 11231 is not a very easy neighborhood to be constructed at because of all the state laws, rules and regulations. Our experienced supervisors are fully aware of all the construction by laws which makes it possible for our clients to achieve their dreams. Milestones are set at every stage of the project to ensure timely delivery of the project. All of this is achieved under supervision of trained staff, experienced supervisors and one of the best managers in the construction industry in New York.


A construction project is divided into five different phases:


Phase 1: Conception


Client ideas come into existence. Location, structure, style, colors etc start falling into place and whatever rough ideas clients have are ready to be discussed with a local, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, 11201, 11231 construction company like us who would assign an experienced project manager for your Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, 11201, 11231 construction project. 


Phase 2: Design


Design consultants and architects work together with clients to bring clients imaginations to reality graphically to begin with. This phase would require coordination, discussion of all the different ideas and a lot of back and forth, Once a proper structure, layout and design is in place, that is only when clients start to believe that their dreams are about to come true. Sketch, drawings, layout, maps, building size, colors etc gets finalized in this phase.


Phase 3: Pre-Construction


This is when we compile a team for your construction project. Every project is different and every worker has a different set of skills. According to the requirements we compile a team of skilled craftsmen who work under a qualified project manager.


Phase 4: Procurement Stage


Equipment, construction material along with all the commodities required to execute the construction project are brought inline, Every project is different and according to the projects scope, procurement is done.


Phase 5: Construction Stage


After the finalization of all the above mentioned  phases, the most critical phase of construction starts. In this phase the entire construction team works side by side under one dedicated, experienced and a hard working project manager who ensures timely completion of the project, storage of the material and equipment. Quality control and architects check is one of the most vital parts of this phase. 


Big A Construction has been helping homeowners and commercial space owners in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, 11201, 11231 with the most contemporary and state of the art construction since 1996.

We offer free of cost estimates and server all five boroughs of New York: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island.